Build a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are essential structures that can stabilize a slope and provide enough support to retain the huge land mass. These structures are seen in the hilly regions and riverbanks to protect the land from soil erosion. However, these days, many homeowners are building retaining walls either to enhance the beauty of their backyard or to conserve their land.

There are many reasons to build a retaining wall, and here, we will briefly explain them.

Why Should You Build a Retaining Wall?

Soil erosion has become a major issue these days because every year, tons of soils are washed away by runoff water and are deposited in the river. The water quality of those rivers becomes worse, and the water becomes polluted. Because of the sedimentation, the turbidity increases, which abruptly cuts the bank of the rivers. In addition to this, due to the poor quality of the water, fishes and other aquatic animals die.

Soil erosion also causes landslides, which can make hundreds of people homeless and can destroy the roads or bridges. To minimize soil erosion and landslides on the sloppy area, engineers and scientists invented this structure, which can provide additional support, and this is the most popular reason for constructing a retaining wall.

Retaining walls can also play a role in conserving the water. Sometimes, groundwater is pumped too much to meet up the crop demand (irrigation purposes). These walls can prevent the massive flow of water and intercepts the runoff. As a result, water will get time to infiltrate into the soil. Besides, one can also construct a retaining wall to conserve water behind it in order to save water for later uses.

Another common reason for constructing a retaining wall is to enhance the beauty of the backyard. Many homeowners construct these structures for beautifying their gardens. They build small boundaries and small areas and plant flowers or other decorative trees in them. Landscaping becomes much easier when an owner constructs a retaining structure around his house. Once the construction is done, these walls can also be used for seating and passing quality time.

What can be the best materials for building these walls?

Several materials can be used to build these retaining walls, and among them, some of the popular ones are –

  • Timber
  • Concrete blocks
  • Boulders
  • Bricks

Choose these materials carefully based on your area because selecting the right materials determine the durability and longevity of the structure.

How to construct a retaining wall

Constructing a retaining wall isn’t so hard. Actually, it is easy, and many people find it an interesting DIY project. You will need a shovel, level measuring tools, something to compact the ground, stones and gravel, blocks, and cement.

After digging the soil, the owner should check the level. Then, he should pour the stones and small rocks on the trench and check the level again. If the ground is leveled, place the first layout of the blocks and check the level once again. If it is leveled, use the cement and go for the second layer. Once the second layer is placed, check the level once again. Repeat the process, and finally backfill by using stones and gravel. This is how anybody can construct a retaining wall.


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